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Best In The Booth Album Series | Submit Songs Form| Song Placement

Updated: May 19, 2021

Underground 101 The Music Platform is the new home of the "Best In The Booth" and "Best On The Beats" compilation album series. The series offers underground artists a chance to be featured alongside some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop, and other upcoming underground artists. FREE OF CHARGE! The idea behind it is strength in numbers.

More people = More Fans = More Plays!

To submit a song or beat to be featured on the "Best In The Booth", or, "Best On The Beats" compilation album series. simply fill out the form on this page. >>>

Read the full "terms of use" before submitting your song, or beat, located at the bottom of the "Submit Songs Form".

This is not like other mixtapes or cd's where you have to pay up front to be featured. We do things differently. This is an exclusive tape to get on, while only, roughly 1-10 songs that are submitted make it through the ears of our A&Rs, and onto the "Best In The Booth", or, "Best On The Beats" albums. We look for quality over quantity, our brand depends on it. We look forward to your submissions and welcome those of you that have not been featured on the series yet.

Submit your songs today to be featured on this next Best In The Booth album!

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