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Entrepreneurs Index For Artist Development

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Entrepreneurs Index For Artist Development or the (E.I.F.A.D #EIFAD @EIFAD) will be a new portion to this site. Published today June 23, 2022. I am claiming the name trademarking and copywriting it. This is the first use!

You can find the Index located on the home page of my website under the tab name "Entreprenuers Index For Artists". We will be constantly updating this list with professional services geared toward helping underground artists grow and develop into becoming successful independently, along with find local services near you to network and develop relationships.

If you would like your information indexed on this site with a free ad of the services you offer, please email me at short write up of what you do, a profile picture I can use for the site, along with your website name, or social media so people can find you and book your services directly with you, the sooner the better as you will rank higher on the list!

If you set up an account on the website you will be free for lifetime. Eventually this will become a subscription based service but if you have an account you will be grandfathered in and never have to pay. This will be switching to subscription based service around November 2022. The service will then offer free tutorials, online music management classes, and access to our magazine partners, playlists, ad builders and more! Don't miss out on an opportunity that could change your life eventually with the services we are going to offer for the independent artist!

This database will be mostly of Connecticut based artists and entrepreneurs broken down into sections and indexed. The sections included will be;

- Photography

- Graphic + Web Design

- Videography

- Marketing and Advertising

- Music Distribution

- Artists, Models, DJ’s, and Management

- Connecticut Artists Stores and Websites

- Educational Tutorials

These sections will include everything from; artists, models, DJ’s, dancers, Hip-Hop friendly clubs, marketing companies, music studios, vocal engineers, makeup artists, beat producers, mixing and mastering services, distribution services, copyrighting services, publishing services, play-listing, magazine placement, bloggers, podcasts, merchandising, branding, ad builders, directors, editors, journalists, club promoters, record labels, tutorials and more!

If you live in Connecticut and you would like to be apart of this massive movement to guide our youth into becoming successful artists and entrepreneurs and would like your services listed with a free ad placement on my site please email me at or inbox me on Facebook/Meta! Here>

I look forward to working with everyone and getting your listings up and helping you drive more business to your companies.


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