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Kunte Kente featuring Belvy Castro | No More Nightmares | Official Music Video | COMING SOON!

Kunte Kente delivers a real heart felt song about life chasing the Hip-Hop dream, the stress, the sacrifices, the ups and downs, and tryna balance life as it tests you. The chorus goes into a sample of a women singing about, dreaming big and being right there where she wants to be, never showing people that she's scared to succeed. After the chorus, Belvy Castro comes in with real spit about people hating not wanting him to reach that top spot, almost as if they are jealous of his success. All the meanwhile keeping focused through it all. Knowing the dream is within the grasp of ones reality reality. "No More Nightmares" is a real beautiful work of art.

"No More Nightmares" was featured on the first ever "Best In The Booth" artist compilation mixtape titled, "The New Beginning". Check it out here.>>>

Keep an eye out this summer, it looks like Kunte Kente and Daviana Entertainment have some more musical masterpieces, such as this one, in store for us!

Visual coming soon!

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