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Best In The Booth

Song Placement

Registration Form

To register, please fill out the information below. You must read and accept terms and conditions contract, along with sign electronically. Make sure to upload original songs or beats, along with an original high resolution photo of yourself for the album cover. Upon submission, you agree you are the owner of the song submitted and owner of the photo you submitted as well.

Upload Original Song or Beat
Upload HD Photo for Album Cover

Best In The Booth Album Series

"Best In The Booth" is a trademarked compilation album series with sales and streams in over 180 countries worldwide. We are closing in on 10 million album streams globally and 10,000 sales with strictly underground  artists. Today we are one of the fastest growing indie labels in the music industry. Submit your music now to be heard by our A&Rs, and featured on the series with some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop and R&B. Please only send original songs and beats. It's as simple as filling out our registration form to the right, agreeing to our terms and conditions and signing your name. We look forward to to reviewing your music and making money with you!


P.S..We are working on another series titled, "Best On The Beats”, a compilation of some of the best underground beat producers throughout the world. You can submit your beats here to the right as well. Many haven’t realized, but the game has changed, why sell your beat exclusively when you can lease it to thousands of  artists and earn royalty money on each song? It's all about the royalties, and this is royalty. 

- Best In The Booth

Are yout the Best In The Booth? Do you spit "Fire In The Booth"? Coming Soon "Best In The Booth" Song Contest. Grand Prize $2500.00 USD to winner. Many other prize packages.
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