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Marcus Gold Gramz

Graphic Designer + Movie Director

Main Company:

GoldMind Entertainment

Marcus "Gold" Gramz, owner of Goldmind Entertainment is an artist, promoter, graphic designer, and movie director out of Hartford, CT. His work continues to shine and grow. His other companies GoldMind Grafix, Reel Gold Filmz, and HuskiWorld Clothing together create a brand that really stands out. His graphics are sleek and very professional, with a 3D look that are very appealing to the eye. His movies continue to do millions of streams! If you would like to work with Marcus, you can find links to his works below. For promotion visit @goldworld860

Umbrellas Companies:

Gold Mind Grafix: Instagram: @marcusgramzgold860

Logos, Flyers, other Graphic Designs

Reel Gold Filmz: Youtube: @marcusgramzgold860

Music Videos, Movies

HuskiWorld Clothing: E-Commerce store coming soon! All the HUSKI’s around Connecticut will be represented; New Haven Huskies, Bridgeport Huskies. New Britain Huskies etc... HuskiWorld hoodies, tees, hats, varsity jackets etc. Whatever town u rep in Connecticut.. whatever color are your school colors .. welcome to HuskiWorld CT

Marcus Gold Gramz
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