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Best In The Booth | Album Series

"Best In The Booth" started off as a compilation album series founded by Brandon "B-Future" Stephenson in 2012. While attending Three Rivers Community College located in Norwich, CT, chipping away at a Graphic Design and Communications degree, he took an "Advertising by Design" class. In that class he learned that music was the biggest form of advertising in the entire world. The final project for that class, was to come up with a cd that you would advertise a product with. This is where the idea for "Best In The Booth" blossomed, like the rose that grew from concrete.

In that class students were to design a 5 page booklet for the album including a front and back cover, a press release, a poster, and a flyer for the album. It just so happend, that Brandon was working at an underground studio at the time, Soundsuite Studio, located in New London, CT. His friend Timothy "tAllent" Allen, had owned the studio and was working on turning it into a label. Brandon started using his graphic design and marketing skills he had learned at Three Rivers Community College to help Tim build up Soundsuite Studios name locally. Brandon decided for is final project he would use some of the artists Tim had recorded to come up with a compilation album and called it "Best In The Booth". The album featured local artists from New London, Groton, Norwich, and other surrounding towns. The album quickly became popular online on with nearly 100,000 views, and 25 thousand downloads. The collaboration between Brandon and Tim on this project launched both of there careers deeper into the industry.

Brandon Decided to keep the series going and over the course of the next 10 years put out 8 more "Best In The Booth" albums featuring mostly underground artists around Connecticut. Some of the CD's had features from artists out of state, as well as industry recognized professionals such as Akon, Beenie Man, Gucci Mane, Fetty Wap and others.

To date the series has over 10 million streams around the world. With sales in over 190 countries worldwide. Some of the titles are as follows>>>

Best In The Booth: The New Beginning>>>

Best In The Booth: Dedicated to this Life>>>

Best In The Booth: Now or Never>>>

Best In The Booth: Show Out>>>

Best In The Booth: The Underground Legend>>>

Best In The Booth: The Final Chapter>>>

Best In The Booth: The Legacy>>>

Best In The Booth: Hartford Hittaz>>>

In 2020, having success using the name, "Best In The Booth", Brandon decided to trademark the name with the USPTO. This would be the start of building a company around the album series, and eventually lead to the idea of the "Best In The Booth Song Contest" and Underground 101 The Music Platform website!

Artists can submit their music to be featured on the Best In The Booth Album series FREE of charge at this link, >>>

Producers can submit beats at the link above as well to get featured on our new series titled, "Best On The Beats". Here both artists and beat producers will get featured alongside industry professionals, as well as other hard working underground artists and producers.


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