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What-up, what-up, what-up my favorite people? The last two-three months i have a taken a step back from recording and rapping, to try to come up with a new game-plan. Over the course of the last few years I have been designing a website for underground artists to succeed independently in the Hop-Hop and Rap world.

My first approach was i should include as many local artists and entrepreneurs as i could get to join, make it a page for networking, sharing ideas, and building up brands and artists around Connecticut. I set out to find the best videographers, graphic designers, hiphop artists, mix and master engineers, dancers, and more around the Connecticut area. The more i tried to get people to sign up, the harder it seemed to be. Even if i offered to make the artists page for them and offered them free ads on my website that linked directly to their website, it still seemed nearly impossible. plus the business model just wasn’t working offering so much of my time for free without little to no help and or support back. I still have not achieved where i would like the site to be, or have partnered with the correct people to get this thing really off the ground and running. i have spent nearly 10 years building this plan and company so i will not give up yet.

After building this site for nearly 10 years and finally mapping it out over again the last two years, i felt like i was right there, i was about to make it big time. I set up an online drop-shipping store, i branded and trademarked a highly popular album series titled "Best In The Booth”, that has streamed nearly 40 million streams around the world and counting in over 200 countries worldwide, with close to 200 songs collecting royalties and revenue. I made the series fairly easy to enter and submit songs on my website under the “submit songs” tab. I also set up a friendly rap competition that will feature a few producers once a year, rappers will get to pick one beat and record a song and video for a chance to win a major cash prize, or other great prizes for placing between one and ten. This was set to launch 2 years ago December 25, 2021 but we received 0 entires the first year…. yes zero….. so i decided to lower the cost and try again this year (2022) and again received zero entries….. So we have again cancelled the contest this year and will change some of the rules terms and conditions, plus entry fee once again over the course of 2023. If we do not receive at least 100 entires into the competition by December 2023 we will cancel this contest for good. Its a shame because i spent hundreds of hours building this site, competition, rules terms and condtions, and getting it legally set up. This could be something huge for the whole state of Connecticut if we could come together, but at this point Im not holding my breath.

I have not had the extra money to launch this song contest how i have wanted too, it is currently just me running operations, hopefully by the end of next year we can get it off the ground! I am very optimistic about things and a very driven person. i have full faith in my in depth business plan and model that was completed over the course of the last couple years. I would love to find an investor or a partner to run this with me, as i can only do so much myself.

As every entrepreneurs knows you have some good weeks and some bad weeks, being in the rap game for ten years now, i must say it took me quite a long time to pull a minimum wage 40 hour per week check off of people streaming my music. So im not giving up yet

Anyways those are just a couple updates for the site and , we hope to partner with many other great companies this year as a reseller of services and find some sponsors to really get this thing jumping like it should.

Appreciate Yall

- B-Futuristic

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