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Best In The Booth | New Albums |

Over the last couple months we have been releasing a ton of new music! Have you heard it? Roughly 60 songs on two tapes! HEATERS. Here are two new albums you must check out!

First: If you havnt heard this album yet, this is one of the best projects i have ever released. It is a true masterpiece, a classic, if you like rap there is no way you won’t like this album. If this isn’t on your playlist what are you even doing in life. You probably like mummble rap if you don't like this. Just delete me as a friend if you dont add this one to your playlist, i dont wanna know you. You obviously don't support my journey either. Just click the picture it will take you directly to Spotify and its free to stream and add to your playlists! Also if you scan the QR codes, you can submit songs to future Best In The Booth albums and make money with us! Also you can sign up for the Best In The Booth Song Contest for 2023-2024!

Second: Best In The Booth: Show Out just click the picture it will take you to apple music. This CD features some major mainstream artists including, Fetty Wap, Gucci Mane, Beenie Man, Akon, Marcus Manchild, Y.O. along with many other great up and coming underground artists. These artists are truly working hard and it shows in their music. The quality is like nothing else we have ever released. Save It, share it with a friend. Tell a friend to tell a friend we taking over Connecticut with this one, 39 tracks of straight fire! Ill let you make that judgement though, nothing, i mean nothing in CT will match up to the quality of this tape. It is probably one of the best tapes Connecticut has ever scene released. Yet they dont support me still. Its ok though, when i die im sure they will all be at my funeral like, he was a legend, we supported him, yada, yada, yada. Bullshit. i been doing my own thing for quite some time. nobody checks in no more. But its ok cause my music sells. Yall keep telling yourself you got the sauce whatever makes you feel better. I dont even have to work no more, i just collect a check every week. Get with me if you wanna start actually selling your music instead of acting like you get it. My price $2500 starting. Im worth way more than that too, Imma show you why, and next year my price going up to 10k just to say hi. ;)

Love yall though, Happy Holidays, everyone stay safe out there. Happy Thanksgiving!


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