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Best In The Booth Album Series

Updated: May 9, 2021

the "Best In The Booth" album series can be found all over many different streamiong platforms including SPotify, Apple Music, Amazon on Demand, and now our new website! We currently have over 10 million royalty paid streams on our series and sales in over 200 countries worldwide. Thank you for listening.

Submit Your Music

It is free to submit you music to our series. It is an exclusive series to be featured on, if your music is chosen you will make money with us. We do not take the rights to your music. You can still sell your song however you'd like, wherever you'd like to, to whomever you'd like! This is free marketing and promo for you r music if chosen to be featured on our trademarked album series! #BestInTheBooth

You can submit music at this link >>>

Check Out Some Of Our Recent Albums!

links to our music library below>>>

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