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Fuego Base of Hartford, CT Signs With Benny The Butcher’s Label BSF!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Hartford, CT we have a new representative in the HipHop world, Fuego Base, or, BSF Base, boasts hard lyrics out of an even harder setting. The Homicide Hartford artist has an organic flow that comes naturally to him. Free-styling off the top, he has made a name for himself in the Rap world in just a short period of time. Recently signing with Benny The Butcher and the BSF label, he has been featured on some major platforms including; Charlie Sloths “Fire In The Booth”, murdering the freestyling session, along with Benny, and Rick Hyde. The edgy hard hitting lyricist tells a tale of pain and struggle growing up in the mean streets of Hartford, CT, the heart of Connecticut. Dealing with all types of crazy scenarios, he has worked hard to keep a sraight path, although it has not been easy in such a tough setting. The artist has recently dropped a couple albums. The first titled, “Say Dat” and the second titled, "Say Dat Again” both available for sale on his website The website includes a store with a clothing line, his music, music videos, along with tour dates. Make sure you check out this breakthrough artist in the industry.

Fuego Base, Benny The Butcher, and Rick Hyde in L.A. for the legendary

“Fire In The Booth” - Freesyle with Charlie Sloth

Fuego Base is given a chain by Benny The Butcher after signing with the BSF Label

(video footage from fuego base phone available on his facebook)

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